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Parents Urged to Retrieve Children from Lubbock Schools Amid Uncertain Threat

Lubbock, TX – Parents in Lubbock are being urged to retrieve their children from local schools after a warning circulated on social media about a possible threat to three high schools. While the authenticity of the threat has not been confirmed, concerned parents are not taking any chances.

The warning, which included a screenshot of a message, advised parents to keep their children home from school on May 11th and 12th. It is unclear where the message originated or who sent it, but the content has caused alarm among the community.

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In response to the warning, parents are taking action and going to schools to pick up their children. While some have expressed skepticism about the threat, many parents are erring on the side of caution and keeping their children out of school.

“I never make posts like this, but it’s getting scary out here,” said one concerned parent. “Whether it’s real or not, I’d love to see everyone’s babies safe to see another day.”

The Lubbock Independent School District has not yet issued an official statement regarding the warning, but they have acknowledged the concern and urged parents to exercise caution.

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