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SWAT Team Assists in Drug Arrests in Payson

On the morning of May 12, 2023, a multi-agency operation led to the arrest of three individuals on felony drug sales charges in the 700 block of West Colt Drive in Payson, Arizona. The operation was conducted by the Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS), with assistance from the Payson Police Department, the Gila County Sheriff’s Department, the DPS GIITEM task force, a DPS helicopter, and the Payson Fire Department.

The warrant was the result of a months-long investigation into drug sales in the area. Due to the circumstances of the investigation, DPS utilized their SWAT team to serve the warrant. During the operation, two individuals barricaded themselves inside the residence and refused to come out. Negotiation attempts failed, and heavy armor was used to breach the residence to ensure the safety of all involved. Fortunately, both suspects were taken into custody without incident and without injury to officers or suspects.

Three individuals were arrested in total for felony charges related to drug sales and outstanding arrest warrants. The investigation is ongoing, and further charges may be added in the future.

The Payson Police Department expressed gratitude to their partner agencies for their cooperation and support during the operation. The department thanked the Arizona Department of Public Safety, the Gila County Sheriff’s Department, and the Payson Fire Department for their assistance in keeping the community safe.

Any further inquiries should be directed to the Arizona Department of Public Safety. The agencies involved in the operation will continue to work together to keep the community safe and to combat drug-related crime in the area.

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